How Old Do You Need to Be to Get Veneers?


A veneer is a thin layer of tooth-like material. Veneers look like natural teeth and are used to correct a variety of dental issues. They adhere to your natural teeth to give your teeth a better-looking shape and appearance. Dental veneers are a great way to improve your smile.

Types of Veneers

There are two types of veneers. Composite and porcelain veneers. Composite veneers come from resin tooth-colored material. There are direct and indirect composite veneers. The difference between the two is not the material but the application process.

Dental professionals manufacture porcelain veneers in the laboratory. They make it from porcelain material, and so they serve the same purpose as composite veneers. Porcelain veneers resist stain better than composite veneers. The composite material mimics the properties of natural teeth, like reflecting light.

Problems Veneers Fix

Veneers fix:

  • Discolored teeth.

  • Worn out teeth.

  • Chipped or broken teeth.

  • Irregular, misaligned, or uneven teeth.

  • Teeth with gaps between them.

At What Age Can One Get Veneers?

Fortunately, there is no specified age for those who want veneers. Your doctor will assess the state of your teeth and verify whether they are suited for you at that time. Most young adults pursue veneers for aesthetic purposes. However, dental practitioners also follow standard rules and guidelines in terms of cosmetic procedures. 


Dental veneers have downsides that include:

  • The process is irreversible.

  • Veneers are irreparable if they crack or chip.

  • You may experience tooth sensitivity when eating or drinking cold food and drinks due to enamel removal.

  • Veneers do not match the color of your other natural teeth.

  • Once your teeth go through the procedure, their color cannot get altered.

  • Veneers can fall off or dislodge in rare cases.

  • Teeth that go through the modification can still decay.

  • Unhealthy teeth may not be a good choice for the procedure.


You may need to make three trips to your dentist to complete the veneer process. The first trip is for consultation, the second one for making the veneers, and the last one for the application. You can have one or many teeth undergo the veneering process at once.

You will talk to your dental practitioner about what you expect after the procedure. They will examine your teeth to determine if they are fit for veneers. To prepare for the process, your dentist with reshape the surface of your teeth. Your dentist will then make a model of your teeth and create a veneer out of it from a laboratory. 

The veneer can take from two to four weeks to be ready. You may wear temporary ones as you wait for the real ones. During the third and final appointment, your dentist will place it on your tooth and examine the shape, size, and color. During the process, they can repeatedly put it and trim it to ensure it fits perfectly. The shade of the cement used during the process can help adjust the color of the veneer.

The dentist will then prepare your teeth by etching, polishing, and then cleaning them. They will place a special kind of cement on the veneer, then place the veneer carefully to the surface of your teeth. The dentist will shine a light beam to activate the cement into hardening quickly.

Finally, they will remove excess cement on the teeth, evaluate the results, and make the necessary adjustments. You may need to go for follow-up visits.

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