6 Tips to Maintain Results After Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

A white smile can boost your confidence and make you happy about your appearance. After whitening your teeth, you most likely want to maintain your results. Some of your daily habits can discolor your teeth. There are a few things you will need to avoid and practices you must adopt.

Evade Acidic Foods

Foods with citric flavors like lemon and orange are acidic. They may be tasty, but the sour taste can make your tooth enamel demineralize and weaken gradually. Your saliva contains calcium that strengthens your enamel. But when your mouth environment is acidic, you will experience tooth decay and erosion.

Your enamel will become thinner and expose the dentin underneath. Consequently, your teeth will appear yellower and discolored.

Avoid Beverages and Foods That Are Highly Pigmented 

Eating some foods and taking some beverages can stain your teeth over time. Your enamel encounters everything that enters your mouth. Drinks like coffee and tea are often essential for most people in the morning. However, they can stain white teeth. You can supplement them using warm water, white yogurt, or plain milk by getting recommendations from your dentist.

Sauces add taste to meals. But after your teeth whitening, it is ideal to consider the pigmentation of the sauces as the colored ones can significantly stain your white teeth. You may need another whitening treatment if you use dark ones consistently. Avoid dark soy sauce, barbecue, and red pasta sauce.

Consuming white-colored foods can help maintain your teeth whitening results. You can eat foods like white rice, pasta, eggs, peeled potatoes, and white cheese.

Rinse Your Mouth After Meals 

Create a habit of rinsing your mouth every time you eat. Doing so will help remove food debris that can lead to tooth decay or any pigmentation that can discolor your enamel. Carry an antiseptic mouthwash in your backpack or handbag to rinse your mouth after you snack on anything.

Proper Oral Hygiene

Practicing good oral hygiene is vital after a tooth whitening appointment. Sticking to a routine can help ensure your results last longer. Your dentist will advise you to brush your teeth twice and floss daily for optimal results. Flossing helps remove plaque to avoid developing cavities. Rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash to inhibit and reduce the bacteria that cause plaque accumulation.

You can use tooth whitening toothpaste thrice every week. Doing so will form a touch-up to remove the stains that may have accumulated gradually. It will also help prevent your teeth from getting discolored. Regular toothpaste can work on other days to keep your teeth clean.

Regular Dental Visits

Another effective way for your teeth whitening results to last longer is by visiting the dentist regularly. Doing so will help them check the state and health of your teeth, and you will get a dental cleaning.

Your hygienist or dentist will remove plaque or tartar accumulation over your teeth by performing a deep cleaning. Routine visits ensure your teeth remain white for an extended period after whitening them.

Stop Smoking 

Smoking or using tobacco products is a sure way to stain your white smile after a teeth-whitening treatment. It discolors teeth and increases the risk of tartar and plaque buildup. Your gum disease and tooth decay risk also increase when you use tobacco. 

Quit smoking or consult a doctor for help to stop the habit. Doing so will keep your teeth looking white and help you remain generally healthy.

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