Veneers or Invisalign®: Which Is Right for Me?

couple smiling toward camera, beautiful teeth

Do you want to correct your smile? Are you torn between veneers and Invisalign®? If you want, you can get a perfect smile through aesthetic dentistry. You’ll find several options to give you that perfect smile. Usually, it comes down to two main options, dental veneers or Invisalign.


Dental veneers and Invisalign offer the solution to correct and enhance your smile. However, they utilize different techniques to achieve their results. Dentists use them for different situations depending on the condition of the patients' teeth. You will need to thoroughly analyze your smile to find out which one is right for you.


Dental Veneers


Dental veneers comprise thin composite resin or porcelain sheets attached and bonded to the teeth. Dentists commonly use them on the front teeth. Usually, they are custom-made to fit the mouth of a patient.


Their most common use is to improve the appearance of a tooth. They do this primarily by changing the shape, color, size, and texture of an existing tooth. They can be employed to cover chips or cracks on a tooth. They can also close gaps between teeth and conceal mild misalignments of the teeth. The procedures are typically quick and easy to implement.


Pros of Dental Veneers


  • They Are a Fast and Effective Solution


A veneering process will commonly take about two to three visits to the dentist. The whole process will take an average of three weeks to complete. You will have good results by the end of the process.


  • Conceals Multiple Issues


They can address multiple dental issues through one solution. They can simultaneously work to conceal, camouflage, and recolor teeth. The dentist can accomplish all these in a single three-week procedure.


  • Long-lasting Solution


A dental veneer can last quite a long time with proper care and maintenance. The average lifespan of the composite resin or porcelain veneer is between 10 to 15 years.


Invisalign Treatment


Invisalign treatment is an orthodontic solution for fixing misaligned teeth. They are a welcome alternative to traditional braces and are almost invisible. Also, they do not need brackets or archwires to work. Invisalign treatment utilizes clear aligners made of plastic to realign the teeth.


Dentists can use Invisalign on several oral conditions. These are overbites, open bites, underbites, crowded teeth, gapped teeth, and crossbites. It corrects these conditions by slowly aligning the teeth using custom-made aligners. Users change aligners every two weeks to get a new fitting.

Pros of Invisalign


  • Almost Invisible and Removable


The invisibility of Invisalign is one of their most marketed features. They allow you to carry on with your daily activities smiling without worry. In addition, they are removable for activities like eating, brushing, and flossing.


  • They Fix Malocclusions

They can address several types of malocclusions like underbites, overbites, crossbites, and crooked teeth. Invisalign will correct these conditions, offering a lasting solution to the patient.


  • No Need for Enamel Filing

Manufacturers make custom Invisalign to fit over the natural teeth as they are. Unlike in veneers, your teeth will remain unaffected by Invisalign except for their aligning. In rare cases, dentists may use some filing to create space between the teeth.

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